Hi there, how have you all been?

Well, I’ve finally got a week-off from my workplace(s) and I intend to make the most of it: relaxing, playing my games, organizing my messy house… But you can get something for you in the process: some nice games I don’t want to keep in my collection will go up for auction! :) I’ll start with a bunch of CIB Japanese Mega Drive games, but some Atari 2600 can come along too, aside other random stuff. If you’re interested stay tuned to my Twitter account and give ‘em a try. ;)

Playtime-wise this wasn’t a hell a productive week. But at least I managed to get past the 350 million points mark in Alien Crush (TG-16, Virtual Console) and I’m progressing steadily towards the World Record–or at least my personal one. lol Other than that restarted Super Meat Boy (Steam) after years and I still think it’s overrated. Sorry. :P (read my ol’ review of the original game here)

Super Meat Boy

They try too hard to make it cool… People easily fall for it, so that must be right.

Done for now, gotta slack off a little. lol

See ya, take care!

Hi there, how have you all been?

First of all, you can’t really go wrong with Beatles, for God’s sake. lol

Well, actually I’ve been somewhat “training” in my ol Virtual Console (Wii) arcadey stuff… and I can see some palpable improving. :) First in Samurai Shodown (Neo Geo), in which I almost reached the final boss last time I played it… (I know that’s lame but for the way I was been swept before it’s progress nevertheless :P); but my real progress was at Alien Crush (TG-16): I’ve been playing the SAME session for two weeks–thanks to the “auto-save” feature–and I’ve topped the 200 million mark last week. Still have 9 extra shots in store–unfortunately the game doesn’t allow me to grab more than that–and I see a chance in the horizon to break that table altogether. :) We’ll see…

Other than that played a bit of Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS) and just made sume fusions to face this guy:


An astonishing piece of monster design.

Done for now, may I reach the 999,999,999 mark? O.O

See ya, take care!

Hi there, how have you all been?

It’s funny how things from the past can get back to haunt you without notice… It started almost by accident: I bought a bunch of old Mega Drive carts in a flea market and the ones I wanted to play more were fighting games (in this case Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Tournament Fighters and Fatal Fury 2); then a guy came up with this interesting guide for crossing the t’s when it comes to fundamentals in fighting games and it’s been an amusing read so far; and after that a Street Fighter X Tekken weekend with friends and that was it. I’m hooked to fighting games again. lol

Weirdly enough those arcadey games of my childhood are resounding now in diverse forms: fighting, pinballs, shooters… I guess they still hold something very straight-forward appealing at their core–and that simple thing is what made me like videogames in first place or something. In a way it’s relieving to know I don’t necessarily need to keep up with tech gimmicks to feed my hobby ’til the day I die. :)

Achievements! Street Fighter X Tekken was beaten several times that night and you can bet I’ll count that. lol

Other than that take a peep at this awesome early B-Day gift from a friend!

Full Throttle

This will surely make some nice scans… :)

Done for now, fighting games FTW! :D

See ya, take care!

Hi there, how have you all been?

First of all I must thank people who kept coming to pay a visit in this two weeks I was KOd by a nasty virus. Even without new stuff the archives had a more-than-decent amount of visits these days and I’m pleased and surprised. Thanks again everyone. :)

Second, check my E3 Impressions out if you’re interested. It was the last thing I managed to post before being screwed up. lol

Without further ado, for the no-so-new news. lol

New stuff! During this time I got a neat pack with three beauties: Odama (Game Cube), another pinball to my ever-growing collection of such addictions, but this one full of twists; New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which I already tried and disliked for being so random, overly-stretched and empty; and Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story (DS), one of the most interesting entries in the Mario RPG series. :)

Also, got Peggle and Magrunner: Dark Pulse as free downloads from Origin and GOG respectively.

New games


Achievements! Three beats in a row! FEZ (Steam)–which almost gave me a heart attack lol–, Link’s Crossbow Training (Wii)–a very nice little “sell stuff” game–and Penguin Patrol (DSiWare)–recommended as a nice cost-benefit time killer. :)

Other than that only played a bunch of Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS) and Alien Crush (TG-16, Wii Virtual Console)–hi-score raised BTW. ;)
Done for now, back to my regular schedule, I hope. :)

See ya, take care!

Hi there guys, how have you been?

Sorry for the absence, my PC has been screwed by a pain-in-the-ass virus and I’m still struggling against it. Once I can get it back to work properly things will run smooth here again. :)

Dr. Mario

If only it was one of those… :(

See ya, take care!

I decided to create this journal because I needed a place to share impressions about games I’m yet to finish and I know I’ll never review…

Here we go, I hope you like it!


Indie feelings. This was the wrap-up headline that came to my mind once I re-opened the txt file where I noted some quick impressions while watching to this years’ E3 conferences. It was surprising–and pleasing, I must confess–to see fresh ideas coming from indies being much more well received by the audience than it used to be a few years ago; and even better, to feel that trending into mainstream as well.

People are getting tired of paying for the same iterations year after year and developers who don’t stay on their toes on that will simply be swallowed by the environment surrounding them. Also, gamers are starting to realize that graphics power can create beautiful places to go far beyond strict realism, and that can only be a good thing IMMO. :)

Without further ado, to my personal highlights!

Microsoft! I won’t even mention Halo. That’s only MS’s regular jazz. :D

Plus Evolve. Nice arena team twist. It looks cool and playing as the monster must be pure havoc.
Plus Sunset Overdrive. I do believe it can end as fresh as it was sold in the trailer.
Plus Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha. It’s only a DLC, but a great nonsense fan-service anyway.
Plus ID@XBOX. Everything looked interesting in the quick indie games montage.
Plus Ori and the Blind Forest. An indie taking advantage of the new generation to create a beautiful, smooth fantasy world.

Ori and the Blind Forest
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I dislike Sci-Fi soap operas.
Scalebound. For now it seems to lack the appeal other Platinum games have.

EA! Bruce Lee? Hmm…

Plus Mirror’s Edge 2. This is going to be gorgeous–to say the least.

Mirror's Edge 2

Ubisoft! Severed head, anyone? ;)

Plus Tom Clancy’s The Division. Next gen enough, nice HUD.
Plus The Crew. Ubi knows how to sell their stuff… I’m in for that artsy trailer.

Plus Valiant Hearts – The Great War. Beautiful and probably touching. :)

Sony! The modern gaming Midas. Hardcore can even accept childish stuff from them. :)

Plus Entwined. A more… focused? Child of Eden, perhaps.
Plus Little BIG Planet 3. Still charming as always.
Plus Grim Fandango. Am I dreaming? *-*
Plus Devolver. Fighting ID@XBOX in good measure.
Plus Let it Die. “The Dark Side of Ryse”, by Suda 51.
Plus ABZU. “Journey” + sea? Count me in.
Plus No Man’s Sky. Fascinating to the point of disbelief. O.O

No Man's Sky

Nintendo! Can they still turn things around?

Plus Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. As far as scale comparision goes this could even reach Super Mary Galaxy heights.
Plus Bayonetta 2. It now INCLUDES the original one. Come on.
Plus The Legend of Zelda WiiU. I’m still puzzled on how Nintendo manages to squeeze their hardware that way…



That’s it. Some of those title are already out, others will have to wait a year or more to see the light of day… But anyway I tried my best to stuck to my first “impressions” on the conferences to be able to laugh about myself a couple years from here. :P I hope you liked it and feel free to write your own two cents if you want to. :)

See ya, take care!

Hi there, how have you all been?

So I’m putting together my impressions on this year’s E3… And I intend to share ‘em later this week. :) Meanwhile here are some quick pics of my flea market CIB Mega Drive finds–the second lot will go to auction @eBay anytime soon, so if you’re interested stay tuned. ;)

New stuff! Good golly miss molly! CIB Japanese Mega Drive versions of: Sonic 2, Sonic Spinball, Fantasia, Alladin, Darius II, TMNT: Tournament Fighters, Shadow Dancer, Double Dragon II, Fatal Fury 2!

CIB Japanese Mega Drive games!

These are mine! ~.~

CIB Japanese Mega Drive games!

These can be yours. ;)

Other than that only played my regular snack of Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS) and a bit more of FEZ (Steam). :)
Done for now, E3 wrap-ups on their way!

See ya, take care!