Hi there, how have you been?

As always I had the illusion of playing a lot in my 10-day vacation time and as always I couldn’t quite put it to work. lol That’s OK though since beach was nice (even found a real-life Okami island) and I got some of my side projects ahead enough.

Well, what I played? A decent chunk of the regular on-the-go jazz (Android‘s Marvel Puzzle Quest, DS‘s Picross DS and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, 3DS‘s Pokémon Rumble World), a bit of casual novelty with alphabear (Android) and Steam‘s Zuma’s Revenge (at least I thought it was going to be casual, since it’s kicking my as lol), my turn-based fix (3DS‘s Fire Emblem: Awakening and X-COM: UFO Defense–I think I’ll finally make a FIRESTORM craft) and dusted off some ol’ stuff for accomplishments… :)

Accomplishments! Atari 2600‘s Superman was on sight since my B-Day and I finaly nailed it! Figured it out almost entirely alone–minus the part where after fixing the bridge and getting every bandit on jail I needed to… go to work. lol (I guess it was just a regular day in Superman’s life…) Also, my only Game Gear cart got some love too and I was surprised at how better I got at it after the latest Puyo Puyo efforts… Columns!

Man of pixels

Man of Steel! (pixels :P)

New Stuff! At least one pack has arrived by the time of my vacation… Not my B-Day parcel yet but still nice stuff. :)


Two quite cheap Mega Drive CIBs and a cool-as-hell Mega Man collection I don’t have the console to run. lol


That’s it for now. Back to the regular schedule, let’s hope I can beat Zuma… lol

See ya, take care!

Found a Real-Life Okami Island!

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… in my vacation trip. :) Next Monday I’m back!

Take care, see ya!

Hi there, how have you been?

Yep, vacation time is here! Starting today (yesterday) I’m going to have around 10 days to do nothing–actually that’s a terrible lie since I’ll work much more on my own projects but still–and I intend to play a bunch more than I’ve been playing lately. So let’s hope I’ll be able to share more achievements than the average and have a terrific time with some beloved/hated games. lol

This week I played the regular bits of Marvel Puzzle Quest (Android) and Pokémon Rumble World (3DS Download) plus dented into X-COM: UFO Defense (Steam), Picross DS and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS) more, aside starting a brand new distraction: Zuma’s Revenge (Steam). Also, played some of a new game…

New Stuff! Atari 2600’s Superman! Got this gem as a b-day gift from my girl and that’s quite fitting since I used to be intrigued at the game’s controls when I was a kid… :P Time to figure it all out. :)


Just for a start, I finally realized how to transform Clark Kent into Superman. lol

Accomplishments! Beat a terribly hard game this week, and that’s another one in the Puyo Puyo series: Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine! It was originally released for the Sega Genesis in the West as a Sonic game because they were afraid of the original characters being too cute or something… -.- Anyway it’s tough as nails despite looking silly.


Hard level? Just go to hell. lol

Eye-Candy! Another interesting piece of history here: a Brazil-only NES game! Crime Busters manual is up AND TRANSLATED for those about to rock it. :) Enjoy!

Crime Busters


That’s it for now. Play time galore!

See ya, take care!

Crime Busters is a Brazil-only release by Bit Corporation, and as such there’s no universal equivalent out there. I hope my translation helps any gringo playing it. :)

Click in the images to enlarge

Crime Busters

Instruction Manual

Crime Busters


Crime Busters is a thrilling game that makes it for a bigger engagement with all the action going on the screen.
Here you’ll put your Laser Gun [the Brazillian Zapper] to use for the very first time and show off all your gunman skills.
You gotta be quick and boost some good aiming. The bandits aren’t kidding, they’re smart and well-armed.
Like a true, brave police agent you’ll need all your dexterity to knock the criminal off in this true crime adventure’s various levels.
Face bandits surrounded by the police right after a bank robbery scene; find yourself before ninjas inside a warehouse full of hideouts; or fighting robbers inside a bank agency; such are the challenges you’ll face in this game.

Crime Busters

Starting the Game

Insert the Crime Busters cartridge in your Phantom System [Brazillian NES clone] console as recommended in the equipment’s
Instruction Manual.
Then press the Power key.
Attention: This game doesn’t require controller modules. Connecting the Laser Gun pistol in the 2nd controller slot allows you
to choose the level you want to play.
1. Point the pistol out the screen and pull the trigger to pick your level.
2. Then point the screen and pull the trigger to “get into” the desired level.

Shooting Distance

General Rules: The distance for the pistol to work perfectly is 1,80m max. However this distance may change depending on
the size of your screen.

TV Adjusting

The screen must have its brightness and contrast properly adjusted for the game, otherwise shots may miss the targets.
How to Play
The game consists of 3 stages or levels:

Stage 1

Bank Siege
In this level you’ll face robbers by a bank’s facade. Some of them will shoot from the windows. Other, more reckless, will
try to hit you through the front door armed with machine guns. You must avoid hitting the officer, who walks nearby police
cars. So try to be faster than the criminals, hittin them first. You can notice that hitting bandits in windows will also
cause the glasses to break.

Stage 2

Inside a warehouse you must eliminate merciless ninjas which hold hostages. There are plenty of room for them to hide. Be
quick. While avoiding hitting the hostages, get rid of them before they shoot you.

Crime Busters

Pay attention to a ninja who run throughout the entire warehouse shooting his machine gun.

Stage 3

Inside the Bank
Getting inside a bank agency you must prevail over another hostage situation. There are many robbers hiding behind counters, desks and even plant pots. Be careful!


When starting any of the aforementioned stages you must hit 20 foes. However elimintaing every enemy in a level will grant you a pass to the next level. In this case the level to come will have 5 extra enemies.
The better your performance, the bigger the amount of enemies you’ll need to face in the following level.


You got 5 tries for each level. You gotta be quick. Take the bandits down before they shoot because you’ll lose a life if you get hit 3 times. The same occurs in case of hitting hostages 3 times.
So, get your pistol ready and good luck!

Hi there, how have you been?

Gaming wise the week wasn’t that productive: played my regular jazz of Marvel Puzzle Quest (Android)–from which I’m taking a break once again–and Pokémon Rumble World (3DS Download); got another chapter behind me in Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS); and been working towards completion in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS). But when it comes to nailing some impressions on that BIG Festival I’m quite happy with the result. :)

Impressions! This “Impressions Journal” got a lot of visits when it was posted and the day following it, and aside the cool people dropping by I liked the content crammed into it in the end. :P Check it out if you’re into indie games… and opinions on them. ;)

Circa Infinity

Crazy–and good–stuff. :)


That’s it for now. I can’t close this report without offering all my respect to the family of Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s head and lovely person, who passed away yesterday. I’m deeply sorry. ;(

Satoru Iwata

May you rest in peace, Iwata-San.

See ya, take care!


Once again I attended to the BIG Festival in São Paulo (Brazil) and the first thing I must happily point is the monster doubles every year. I’ll be sad if it ultimately need to leave CCSP (Centro Cultural São Paulo) due to physical constraints but it’s hard to imagine it fitting there if it gets any bigger. That’s one of those good problems, I guess. :)


This time around I’m going to put things a little differently: gotta talk about some trends affecting the indie industry–and, more noticeably, our own Brazillian scene here–and in the end point my top favorites in the show overall. Press on!

Trends! As in fashion–or any art/entertainment form, truth to be told–games at times get carried on trends, some by simple influence, some for money sake and some for plain goddamn collective unconscious–yep, it seems it does exist. Whatever be the reason there are games which work their way around the problem of repetition and offer something new in their niche; other fall victims of their own choices. To the cases…

play Gimmicky rhythm mechanics. Maybe this is a bigger problem within the BIG Festival rooms since we usually get such games nominated for “Best Audio” awards. Last year Crypt of the NecroDancer was well received (as for me it didn’t go much further than gimmickry, but still), but this time we had a bunch of lesser experiences that don’t quite get the right feeling of what they pitch at us. (As a reference I can’t recommend Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven series enough.)

play Talking about music… I was at a panel on videogames soundtrack production and our local scenario couldn’t be worse in my point of view. We still have marketing people doing this job here and they still think “a original score only comes into play if the developer doesn’t have money for licensed tracks”. Seriously, people were saying things like that up there.

play Handcraft. Hand-made assets are a global trend (last E3 brought Yoshi’s Woolly World and Unravel center-front, for instance) and this means, to say the least, more eye-candy into our lives. That not always translate into good experiences, of course, but two games there seemed to be in the right track: the slick Lumino City (State of Play Games) and The Coral Cave (Atelier Sentô).

Coral Cave

The Coral Cave can feel a little clumsy in how it is structured, but it has an undeniable amount of heart.

play Narrative games are hard to sell at festivals. Their pace are usually too slow to hook people up in such a messy environment.

Top Games! Let’s get right down to my my top 3. Whithout further ado… :)

#3: Synonymy (Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis)


Filed under the “Education” category, Synonymy presents its semantic challenges very elegantly and accomplishes much more than a regular “learning” game usually does. (It’s sound design is quite cool too.)

#2: Circa Infinity (Kenny Sun)

Circa Infinity

A puzzle action game with endless forms of exploration of its premise and an easy entry fee–I mean, controls wise. Better than staring at this screenshot is playing its demo.

#1: Nova-111 (Funktronic Labs)


A distracted passerby could mistake Nova-111 for a common casual game but once you stop to pay it proper attention everything changes. It’s unbelievably polished inside-out (mechanics to presentation), the real-time twists in its turn-based environment are perfectly tuned, the pace in throwing new things at the table is quite right, its personality is unmissable… I’m really eager here to play the full version anytime soon. :)


That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll be there again next year to meet more and more cool people in our rainy city. :)

See ya, take care!

Hi there, how have you been?

Well, this wasn’t a regular play schedule week for sure… Two festivals in the weekend–one of them the already famed BIG: Brazillian Independent Games Festival, which I’ll nail in an Impressions Journal like last year’s–made me travel back and fourth in time in a glimpse. In one hand games that didn’t even see the light of day yet; in the other ye ol’ arcades of my childhood. Everything good all the same, of course. :)

Accomplishments! The ol’ arcades thing even threw me a new beat! Got Cabal nailed in coop with a friend. :) I vaguely remember playing it (probably in the NES) and I’m sure it was groundbreaking at the time. Despite being short and all we sure wouldn’t have beaten it if it wasn’t for the 99 credits… lol Another coop experience was beaten too after a dozen weekends or so… ibb & obb (PSN) was fun–and unnerving at times. :)

ibb &  obb

I died in the last scene but the game fortunately got our accomplishment registered lol

Eye-Candy! A single poster is out, but a gorgeous one for sure. Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light (DS)!


That’s it for now. Gotta work on that Impressions Journal… :)

See ya, take care!