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Posted: April 27, 2015 in Random!

Hi there, how have you been?

This is just a notice that I’ll (probably) post my Weekly Report tomorrow due to my monitor’s suicidal tendencies. :P

Meanwhile here I am trying the WordPress app… lol

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Something went awry indeed. lol

This is the merchandise poster that usually came with Game Boy carts manufactured and released by Playtronic here in Brazil… Check it out! :D

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Hi there, how have you been?

Finally, one of those titans have fallen! Hudson’s Adventure Island III (高橋名人の冒険島Ⅲ) (NES) took me another dozen tries but I nailed World 8 and it’s boss(es) for real. It’s not in the same hardcore league of NES Castlevanias, Mega Mans or Ninja Gaidens but man, it comes surprisingly close in its final stretch. -.-‘

Adventure Island III

The relief of the ending scene. :)

Other than that played the usual fix of Marvel Puzzle Quest (Android), messed with the original Metroid (3DS Virtual Console) a bit and got a neeeeat new addition (addiction)…

New Stuff! Pokémon Rumble World! I had a great time with the original WiiWare one, but this is just the ultimate version of the beast. It’s free, it integrates other users neatly, it feels cool with the analog pad and auto-attacks… And the somewhat cel-shaded, thin-outlined models are just… desirable. lol


No, it’s not me there. Just another random player… :P

Review! After reading Polygon’s guidelines for their modern reviews I thought it was a good thing to create a tool for updating reviews here too. So I brought an old review back to put the system to test. :) Check Super Laser Racer (Steam) out!


A thumbs-up (or down) icon will be added aside the game’s name in the reviews vault to show it was updated. Once again it was borrowed from Backloggery. :)


That’s it for now. Gotta spare some time for that Final Fantasy… :(

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Lack of originality–and polish in executing old ideas–keeps Super Laser Racer from being remarkable.

 Fun race/battle gameplay  Cool race presentation
 Menus are inefficient and their visuals range from bland to plain ugly  Track builder is clumsy  Derivative in every possible way  No multiplayer

I always try to avoid words or expressions that had lost their significance due to overuse–like “overuse” for instance–but I can’t help calling Super Laser Racer a mixed bag. Not only for being derivative both presentation wise (Geometry Wars) and gameplay wise (several arcade-ish racers) but also for the poor execution of those old ideas.


Geometry… cars.

Well, SLR is a racer/shooter presented in a modern/retro fashion; but for each cool feature a counterpart drawback will keep you from fully enjoying it. Cool retro style? The menus fonts, buttons and overall layout look like made with Microsoft WordArt–and you can’t navigate them with your control pad, despite its in-game support. Is the Super-Sprint-style top view a lot of joy after mastered? Well, even the (unlockable) car with the highest steering rate will force you not only to stop accelerating but to hit the brake all the time from the 3rd race on. Do twelve cars exploding each other in a tight space make an amusing mess? No multiplayer for you. Is the track creator a neat addition? What a shame it’s clumsy.

SLR can be a great time-killer in short bursts. But playing any of the games that influenced it as the already-cited Geometry Wars, Super Sprint, Mario Kart or also F-Zero and Rock’N Roll Racing can still be a much better play time.

thumbsup After the Fact: Super Laser Racer got a major update in Dec 8 2010 which includes a bunch of new tracks and music, more weapons and achievements, revamped presentation/menus and tweaks to old tracks. Also, above anything else, now it has an online multiplayer option. All that makes it a much easier to recommend game.

Final word:

Fair.  [actual score: 6.5]

Review originally written for the Autonomous Regime Union at Gamespot. Thumb it up (or down) if you care. :)

Hi there, how have you been?

Yes, I have a bunch of games about to be beaten in my now playing list but none of them is willing to fall easily. lol Last world in Hudson’s Adventure Island III (高橋名人の冒険島Ⅲ) (NES), Super Meat Boy (Steam) and Mario vs. Donkey Kong (3DS Virtual Console) and the last boss (hopefully) in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (DS) took me four tries this week to no success at all. It makes me wonder about how modern games are becoming more accessible difficulty-wise and I’d like that in FF games to avoid the traditional grinding that gets into the plot’s way–of course, it’s about how things like that are executed but the trend could do marvels in certain plot-driven franchises. (Hardcore people would cry rivers though. lol)

Other than that had a terrific arcadey time yesterday with my girl and friends. Saw the 3rd level in The Simpsons: The Arcade Game for the first time ever (actually is was the first time I played it with all four characters in the screen), aside some SEGA Rally (in which I suck) action and a couple Taiko (in which I’m decent lol) songs. This has become an expensive hobby nowadays, when I was a kid it used to take me a quarter or something. :P


There’s no better weapon than your own children. :)

Review! Toribash was amazing when it was released but it can become huge now @Steam. Read the review and find out why. :)


Graceful deaths await you. :)


That’s it for now. No new adds, I guess it’s a kind of win. :( lol

See ya, take care!

Toribash blends two completely different genres together. And it works pretty fine.

 Strong sense of style  Innovative mix of genres
 Dated HUD

It was a grateful surprise to try Toribash for the first time almost ten years ago when it was just an unpretentious standalone download. The absurd premise of a turn-based fighting game was even amped by the fact the player can’t really throw a punch or kick directly, having instead to choose which muscles to contract, which joints to expand to get anything resembling a fighting move to happen.

The result could be beautiful or a disaster, as players at times ended tearing the opponent apart with a graceful flying kick and others simply crumbling over themselves lifeless; whatever the case it was always a delight to watch, making even queues for the next online match fun to take part in.


Now Toribash is free-to-play at Steam; and that’s quite the ideal environment for it to expand and build a cult around it with all the ‘modern’ resources at disposal: an immense and active community, sharing videos and screenshots, achievements, etc. The later are already there but still barebones—and so are the Web 1.0 lobbies, chat and HUD overall.

Toribash has the clear potential to become huge if it’s willing to stand on its square toes.

Final word:
4 stars
Good!  [actual score: 7.0]

Game also published at Gamespot. Thumb it up (or down) if you care. ;)

Hi there, how have you been?

I played a variety of games this week–all them for short spams of time… But I still managed to garner some decent progress overall nonetheless.

The most significative one was in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (DS), where I closed chapter 9 and even made a dent in last chapter’s side quests before tackling the remaining two missions. I feel sorry already for parting with it since I’ve hardly seen such a pristine DS game (presentation wise) before and I’ll miss it for sure. :(

Other than that I did another level in Super Meat Boy (Steam) and reached the (supposedly) last world in Hudson’s Adventure Island III (高橋名人の冒険島Ⅲ) (NES), which is tough as nails. People these days grew to think Super Meat Boy is a tight platformer but that’s only because they didn’t played those NES era titles, when even average joes were better than it. Meat Boy is just cheap guys, it isn’t genius. Sorry. :P

Adventure Island III

And the key is bad here. lol

New Stuff! Got a gift copy of a game called SpaceChem (Steam) and I don’t even know who sent it to me. If you’re reading this thanks a bunch! :D


I can’t even begin to understand it from the screnshots but I’ll try. :)

Eye-Candy! OK, this is a weirdo. lol Slide Adventure: Mag Kid (スライドアドベンチャー マグキッド) (DS) came with an accessory and it’s manual was fun enough to deserve a scan. :) Check it out!

Slide Controller

What, playing ON the piano is forbidden?! Bummer… -.-


That’s it for now. Final stretches! :)

See ya, take care!